A recent graduate of BS (Telecommunications Engineering) and have a past of wandering about and still agitated to find the supreme goal and learn the purpose of life. Life has been a lesson but it is me who dictates my will. I prefer to be among the people and alone at the same time.
A glance at my cultural music form !

I haven’t been acknowledged for my great motley of interests. Adventures always have appealed to me and sports are my passion. I reckon i am too confused to explain what i am and intend to achieve. I seek refuge in following various subjects and I am a nature’s lover. I want to experience everything in life. I want to be wild, adventurous, motivated and at the same time want to stay humble, honest and genuine. I have got unwieldy rules that no one on this earth conforms to yet i am gregarious and people absolutely love me. That is me, and my blog will later yield other sides of my personality as the time progress.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sarina Khan says:

    Very nice MashAllah! Just keep going the same way n keep faith in urself.I believe u can achieve wonders and go really far with ur talents and capabilities! You are a truely gifted person so make the most out of ur multiple talents!
    Best of Luck for the Future! May Allah grant you with all the success!
    Sarina Khan.

  2. farhan badr says:

    I like it man ..keep it up …just remember time management and consistency are the tools that will lead u towards ur ultimate destination “as per your description”….. the addiction of vitamin “me” ( a certain adrenalin rush your mind and body get use to after a fix certain physical routine plays an important role in your overall mood specially in times when you are unable to get them…it is important that your and body works together or you may land in a unwanted position….

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