Book Review : The 3rd Alternative


Book Review



Title                 :     “The 3rd Alternative”

Author             :     Stephen R. Covey

No. of Pages   :     480

Publisher         :     Simon & Schuster

Publish Year    :     2011

ISBN                :     978-0-85720-513-1

Price                :     18 £




  1. This book; The 3rd Alternative is about finding unconventional solutions to two way conventional problems. And it relies more on the mutual understanding of the opposite parties involved in a conflict resolution argument to find a single better solution than compromising on terms to hurt one another or create friction that would lead to more disturbance and hatred in a workplace.
  2. Book is about finding synergy at work. It is not about following “my way” of doing things and neither “your way” of doing things. It is about creating a solution based on mutual understanding in which their view won’t collide and instead transform into a defined single solution and developes into a criteria of success.
  3. Dr. Covey has so intelligently picked up the social life problems in our daily routine life and provided us with solutions that are more feasible and more rejuvenating for those who have slowed down and haven’t kept the pace with the world around now termed as “global village”
  4. Stephen R. Covey has taken excerpts from real life problems and tried to analyze and approach them with the 3rd alternative solutions. He has been quite successful in limiting his audience to defuse the correct approach when encountering such problems at work or at home. He has indigenously developed social and mental approaches designed to forego the anger management to bring creativity and easy problem solving techniques to real life problems.
  5. He has divided the chapters in finding synergy in every kind of daily life problem. He has given comprehensive problems solved by conventional means and knowledge by average routine men  and then deployed his own idea of synergy to problems at work, home, at school, law, in society and in the word which are far better. He has approached problems keeping in mind the age, gender and society from which an individual hails from.
  6. He has divided every chapter into problems and then developed a pictorial demonstration of the problem and then compared 2 alternative solutions and 3rd alternative approaches and has tried to prove that 3rd alternative is always a better approach to encounter the most difficult problems in life.
  7. The chapters are divided into small portions with pictorial examples and then further a step by step pictorial diagram is developed into a flow diagram taking us to a solution that is better than what we previously thought of.
  8. This book is written in a format where your thought process never pause and if you are in a dialogue with the pages and the solution is just in front of you being presented to every daily life problem you face often.
  9. The book concludes into giving you an ultimate solution to your life long problems that affected your lifestyle for larger course of time and how you can change your habit pattern for a “better you” in your life ahead.
  10. It has given a new meaning to the term “synergy” from being assumed compromising in business terms to making profitable solution to our problems.
  11. Written from the same author of the “7 Habits of the highly affected people”, it is termed as one of the most infuential books for employers and specially their managers of how they can keep trolling to success without compromising on their employee satisfaction. Making you believe and rely more on “mindpower” than a more commonly used term “manpower” at your workplace.
  12. This book also explains the method with real life example of how can we bring peace to this world but making efforts to bring harmony and live the example to live and let live. We can allow others to appreciate their lifestyle while we manifest on ours. These can fervor changes in a society that would bring brighter future for the safety of this heavenly place call earth. We can adjust or refrain from stereotyping people to particular background and can learn to appreciate each other for being themselves.
  13. This is book is highly recommended for people who haven’t yet attained anything significant in their life or in a process of attaining international recognitions for their efforts to bring better changes. It can change their perception for a better and light future.
  14. This book challenges your social philosophies and tried to manipulate the negative thoughts and change you to become more optimistic towards handling your future problems.
  15. Synergy is better than my way or your way. It’s our way.





This Book is recommnded for people hailing from every walk of life. It teaches you life learning lessons that you would get acquainted with in a long time going through life realities. This book is recommended for motivaters who can lead their families to get accustomed with life’s harsh and bitter findings through their own persona to get them prepared for handling life’s most challenging situations.